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How To Select Running Shoes
and Where To Get Shoes For Running in Houston, Texas.

Just because the shoe fits….doesn’t mean you should wear it.
All high-end athletic footwear is designed and manufactured to complement specific foot shapes. Choosing the proper shoe for you depends on many factors. Do you have a flat foot or a rigid arch? Do you have a narrow heel, a wide forefoot? Do you overpronate? Wearing the wrong shoe can jeopardize the health of your feet, legs, knees, and back and lead to serious injuries.

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At Finish Strong Sports, a houston running store with two locations in Houston, they help runners to recognize the various types of foot structures and how to match them with the appropriate shoes. They ask you questions about your fitness activities and assess your foot type. Then, they educate you about your unique foot structure and why a particular shoe recommendation is right for you.

Running shoes can be broken into four major categories: cushioned, cushioned-stability, motion-control and performance training. We’ve described these types below. Keep in mind that these are general descriptions. Before you make a decision, we recommend you visit a a specialty running shoe retailer that has knowledgeable sales associates that can evaluate your needs and find several options for you to try.

The Cushioned Shoes

Cushioned shoes are best for medium to high-arched runners who are neutral (no pronation) or underpronators/supinators (outward foot motion).While running or walking, a high-arched foot strikes the surfacewith the outside of the heel, but doesn’t roll or pronateinward.

Cushioned shoes come with extra cushioning in the midsoles to help your feet absorb shock. Their soles have a curved or semicurved shape that promotes a normal running motion.

Examples: Nike Vomero, Pegasus & Max Motto, Asics Nimbus & Cumulus, Mizuno Creation & Rider, Adidas Ride & Glide, New Balance 1063 & 758, Saucony Truimph & Ride, Brooks Glycerin, Puma Velosis.

The Stability Shoes

The stability shoe is best for a normal foot shape or average sized arch. While running or walking, a normal foot usually strikes the surface on the outside edge of the heel, then pronates or rolls inward slightly to help absorb the shock.

The stability shoe has more of an added arch support designed to help correct mild to moderate overpronation. The general shape of the shoe should be semi-curved.

Examples: Nike Equalon & Structure Triax, Asics Kayano & 2140, Mizuno Nirvana & Inspire, Adidas Salvation & Sequence, New Balance 1225 & 769, Saucony Hurricane & Omni, Brooks Trance & Adrenaline, Puma Vectana

The Motion-Control Shoes

Motion-control shoes are best for runners with flat feet. While exercising, a flat-arched foot tends to strike the surface with the outside of the heel and then roll or pronate inward too much.

These shoes are recommended for runners who are moderate to severe overpronators and need maximum rearfoot control and extra support on the arch side of their shoes. Motion-control shoes are the most supportive type of running shoe and are relatively inflexible These shoes are also best suited for big or heavy runners who need plenty of support.

Examples: Asics Evolution, Nike Neculus, Brooks Beast & Ariel, Mizuno Alchemy

The Performance Training Shoes

These shoes are recommended for runners who want a light, well-balanced shoe suitable for racing, speedwork, or daily training. These shoes are best suited for fast, efficient runners who want to train or race in them. Shoes in this category are terrific performance-training shoes, light enough for racing and speedwork, yet durable and stable enough for daily training. Many are great marathon shoes for runners who can't normally wear racing shoes for 26 miles. Moderate overpronators can also race in some of these shoes.

Examples: Asics DS Trainer & Speedstar, Nike Zoom Elite, Skylon & Luna Glide, Adidas Adi zero, New Balance 904

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